Presentation slides from FIL Online February 2024

Below are direct links to a selection of presentation slides from our FIL Online February 2024 event.

British Library session (Richard Ebden, Sam Tillet and Sally Harper British Library Service Update – Click Here.

British Library Results of Survey to Inform Future Collaboration around resource sharing – Click Here.

Future Strategy for Resource Sharing and ILL: the BL response  – Click Here.

Newly set up national scheme of regional interlending practices (Jane Proctor). – Click Here.

WHELF+ Update (Bronwen Blatchford, Cardiff University). – Click Here.

Event News: Piloting copyright solutions: sustainable digital access to library stacks abroad” (Kate Parson, National Library of Sweden). – Click Here.

FIL Online February 2023 Presentations

Presentation Slides

Speakers have made their presentation slides available to FIL members:

Title: ILL at the University of Liège: From Fee

Speakers: François Renaville, Head of Library Systems and Fabienne Prosmans, Fulfilment and ILL Coordinator, University of Liège

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_renaville


Title: Avoiding ILL fees across the EU border

Speaker: Matt Voigts, PhD, IFLA

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Voigts.pptx


Title: OCLC Update: Exceed your library users’ expectations with fast interlibrary loan

Speaker: Ed Davison, OCLC

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Davison.pptx


Title: NHS ILL and SWIRLs

Speaker: Stella Scott, Hants Healthcare Library

Presentation slides:  FIL_Feb23_Scott.pptx


Title: BL Update

Speaker: Jo Cox, British Library

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Cox


Title: Adventures in E-book lending: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation

Speaker: Mark Hoffeditz, Tufts University

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Hoffeditz.pptx


Title: Licensing and the Interlibrary Lending of Ebooks: Opening Doors at the University of Connecticut Library

Speakers: Michael Rodriguez, Erika McNeil, Stan Huzarewicz, University of Connecticut

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_McNeil


Title: ILL and Copyright,

Speaker: Kate Vasili – Middlesex University

Presentation slides


Title: Open Access: changes in publishing

Speaker: Leah Maughan, Northumbria University

Presentation slides

Interlend 2022: Bringing ILL Communities together (Wednesday 29 June 2022)

Rapid ILL Workflows (Carl Jones, Edinburgh University) (Interlend 2022 – U Edinburgh – RapidILL Workflows.pptx)

Rapid ILL and Worldshare (Alison Dyer, University of East Anglia) (RapidILL and OCLC Worldshare – UEA.pptx)

NULJ National Union List of Journals (Stuart Glover, Uni Hospitals, Leicester) (NULJ PPT.pptx)

House of Commons Library (Greg Howard, Annabel Gladstone) (House of Commons.pptx)

Whole Ebook ILL Pilot (Whitney Murphy, Proquest) (Whole Ebook ILL Pilot 2022-06-40.pdf)

Research Solutions – Alternative Literature Supply for Universities (Maria Hatfield, Tony Landolt, Leon Skelton, Research Solutions (Research Solutions Forum for Interlending 6-20-2022)

Interlend 2019 Presentations


Barbara Band Keynote – Careers of the Future, Jobs of Tomorrow
Matthew Lambert British Library Update – Copyright and the supply of e-chapters and scans of articles
Denise Jones Bits and Bytes
Debs Jones-Davis How we use Tipasa
Debbie Hicks Reading Well and Reading Friends
Kerr Gardiner Keynote – Analytics and ILL
Alex McIlroy Delivering on the CLA Licence for Health and Social Care Bodies, Northern Ireland
Lucía Meijueiro Barros Interlending at Manchester Metropolitan University: service review
Joanne Cox British Library Update