Presentation Slides

Speakers have made their presentation slides available to FIL members:

Title: ILL at the University of Liège: From Fee

Speakers: François Renaville, Head of Library Systems and Fabienne Prosmans, Fulfilment and ILL Coordinator, University of Liège

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_renaville


Title: Avoiding ILL fees across the EU border

Speaker: Matt Voigts, PhD, IFLA

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Voigts.pptx


Title: OCLC Update: Exceed your library users’ expectations with fast interlibrary loan

Speaker: Ed Davison, OCLC

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Davison.pptx


Title: NHS ILL and SWIRLs

Speaker: Stella Scott, Hants Healthcare Library

Presentation slides:  FIL_Feb23_Scott.pptx


Title: BL Update

Speaker: Jo Cox, British Library

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Cox


Title: Adventures in E-book lending: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation

Speaker: Mark Hoffeditz, Tufts University

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Hoffeditz.pptx


Title: Licensing and the Interlibrary Lending of Ebooks: Opening Doors at the University of Connecticut Library

Speakers: Michael Rodriguez, Erika McNeil, Stan Huzarewicz, University of Connecticut

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_McNeil


Title: ILL and Copyright,

Speaker: Kate Vasili – Middlesex University

Presentation slides


Title: Open Access: changes in publishing

Speaker: Leah Maughan, Northumbria University

Presentation slides