FIL Sponsorships

One of the benefits of a FIL membership is the opportunity for staff to bid for sponsored delegate places at UK and International document supply and interlending events.  These have included grassroots level training workshops to a worldwide conference such as IFLA and ILDS.

Being a FIL sponsored delegate provides an excellent opportunity for all levels of document supply staff to network, learn from and experience best practice at no cost to their employer. Delegates have the bonus of being able to disseminate the information into their workplace: benefiting your organisation or institution.

Sponsorship is open to all levels of inter library loan and document delivery staff from any background (academic, public, health, business, etc).  To take advantage you must simply be a FIL member in good standing (£75 for institutional or £50 for individual members per annum).

After attending an event you will be expected to produce a report on your experiences which will be published on the FIL website and also in our Newsletter (and on occasion present your article at a FIL event). This way, the whole interlending community can benefit from the delegate’s insight and reflections.

The following quote states our objectives

  • Provide a forum for the discussion of Inter-Library Loan and Document Supply policies and practices
  • Work with and improve the awareness of other organisations whose activities are relevant to the purposes of Inter-Library Loans and Document Supply
  • Monitor and encourage international developments and co-operation in Inter-Library Loans and Document Supply
  • Promote and advance the science and practice of Inter-Library Loans and Document Supply to improve the overall standards of library services
  • Publicise the role of the Forum in pursuing these objects

I have repeated the above because I think it is important that the membership know what to expect from their organisation and what the organisation might expect in return! The FIL newsletter is one physical connection between members. More important are the connections we make at those events we attend. It is those connections that make the UK ILL system work. The willingness of individuals to put themselves out to meet the need of a colleague elsewhere in the country is vital. In this time of budget cuts and staffing shortages we need to ensure that this mutual support network doesn‘t fail.

Please remember, without your input the Newsletter would not exist - so keep in touch - we want to hear from you.