Your chance to have a say

We are proposing to remove the charge for FIL membership. This change will require a vote from current members.

We have a meeting on 8 November to discuss this proposal which you will have received an email invite to and people can vote during the meeting but we wanted to provide the opportunity to those who do not attend to have their say.

Access the Poll: Click Here

This poll will remain available until noon on Wednesday 15 November.

Full details of the proposal are available below.

Proposal to vote upon

We are proposing to remove the charge for FIL membership. This change will require a vote from current members.


· Membership payments are becoming more complex to process with some institutions requiring information such as VAT numbers and statements on slavery
· Membership numbers are low
· Fee for accountant to manage membership income is high in ratio to credit collected from membership fee
· Training budgets across the sector are tight, many are not able to attend face-to-face events due to conference fees and associated travel costs

Maintaining subscription charge outcomes

· Annual membership- £75 (institutional), £50 (personal) or £30 (retired/unwaged)
· Keeping the subscription charge may facilitate the continuation of in-person events
· Problems in obtaining membership charges need to be overcome
· Committee members needed to organise events

Dropping subscription charge outcomes

· Membership would be open to all to encourage more diversity among member libraries within and beyond the UK
· May encourage more members and attract more interest in committee membership
· Events would move online- cheaper to run and attend
· No accountant needed to manage subscription fees

Booking for Interlend 2023 is now open!

Interlend 2023 will be online again this year, held on Wednesday 5th July 2023 10:00-16:30

We have a varied programme which we hope will be of interest across the different sectors represented by our members and more widely.

Book your place here

FIL members – FREE!!
Non-members: £40

Notice of the FIL Annual General Meeting:
FIL members please note that the AGM is included in the Conference Programme. If you wish to raise any issues please forward them to Caroline, (Caroline Long our secretary, by no later than Wednesday, June 14th 2023 so that they can be included in the Agenda, which will then be circulated to members in advance of the meeting.

A Reminder about the FIL Interlending Awards

FIL Interlending Awards: Nominations
Help us celebrate the amazing service the ILL community provides. You can nominate yourself, your team or someone else entirely. The categories are:

  • Innovation in Interlending: There are always lots of changes and developments in our field. Have you tried something new and amazing? Invented a new way of working? Let us know!
  • Interlending – Above and Beyond: We are looking for individuals or teams who have gone way beyond normal working practice to help another individual or an institution within interlending.
  • Interlending – Rarest or most Random: Have you tracked down the last copy in existence or supplied something to an unusual library? Now is your chance for your story to shine.

(Nominations for the above three categories should be for work done within the last 12 months).

  • Lifetime Achievement: We are looking to celebrate someone who within their working life has made a difference, year on year within Interlending. Is that you, or someone you know?

Please send your nomination of no more than 300 words, clearly identifying the nominee and category, to our chair Amanda Foster, [] before 21st June.

Winners will be announced at Interlend 2023.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

FIL Online February 2023 Presentations

Presentation Slides

Speakers have made their presentation slides available to FIL members:

Title: ILL at the University of Liège: From Fee

Speakers: François Renaville, Head of Library Systems and Fabienne Prosmans, Fulfilment and ILL Coordinator, University of Liège

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_renaville


Title: Avoiding ILL fees across the EU border

Speaker: Matt Voigts, PhD, IFLA

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Voigts.pptx


Title: OCLC Update: Exceed your library users’ expectations with fast interlibrary loan

Speaker: Ed Davison, OCLC

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Davison.pptx


Title: NHS ILL and SWIRLs

Speaker: Stella Scott, Hants Healthcare Library

Presentation slides:  FIL_Feb23_Scott.pptx


Title: BL Update

Speaker: Jo Cox, British Library

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Cox


Title: Adventures in E-book lending: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation

Speaker: Mark Hoffeditz, Tufts University

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_Hoffeditz.pptx


Title: Licensing and the Interlibrary Lending of Ebooks: Opening Doors at the University of Connecticut Library

Speakers: Michael Rodriguez, Erika McNeil, Stan Huzarewicz, University of Connecticut

Presentation slides: FIL_Feb23_McNeil


Title: ILL and Copyright,

Speaker: Kate Vasili – Middlesex University

Presentation slides


Title: Open Access: changes in publishing

Speaker: Leah Maughan, Northumbria University

Presentation slides

FIL Online February 2023

We’re pleased to announce that bookings are now open for our first event of the year, FIL Online February 2023, which will take place on Wednesday 8th February 2023.  We have a packed programme of talks for Interlending professionals and I’m sure there’ll be something for everyone.

Book your place here.


Time Topic Speaker
10.30 – 10.35 Chair’s welcome Amanda Foster
10.35 – 10.55 ILL at the University of Liège François Renaville  (Uni of Liège)
10.55 – 11.15 Advice for ILL across the EU border Matt Voigts (IFLA)
11.25 – 11.45 ILL and Copyright Kate Vasili  (Middlesex University)
11.45 – 12.15 Open Access: changes in publishing Leah Maughan (Northumbria University)
12.15 – 12.45 Lunch Break
12.45 – 13.25 OCLC update: Exceed your library users’ expectations with fast interlibrary loan Gemma Burke (OCLC)
13.25 – 13.40 NHS ILL and SWIRLs Stella Scott (Hants healthcare library)
13.50 – 14.00 BL updates Jo Cox (British Library)
14.00 – 14.35 Adventures in E-book lending: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation Marc Hoffeditz (Tufts University)
14.35 -15.05 Licensing and the Interlibrary Lending of Ebooks: Opening Doors at the University of Connecticut Library Michael Rodriguez, Erika McNeil, Stan Huzarewicz (University of Connecticut)
15.05- 15.15 Discussion around the Covid spreadsheet and closing Amanda Foster


The event will be hosted on Zoom and run from 10:30 – 15:15 and there should be plenty of places for all. Instructions and the link to join the event will be sent to registered attendees a couple of days before the event.


FIL members – FREE

Non-Members: £40

Booking closes on Friday 3rd February 2023 so don’t delay, book your place TODAY! After booking your confirmation will appear on the screen, but if you have any questions then please email us at:

Interlend 2022: Bringing ILL Communities together (Wednesday 29 June 2022)

Rapid ILL Workflows (Carl Jones, Edinburgh University) (Interlend 2022 – U Edinburgh – RapidILL Workflows.pptx)

Rapid ILL and Worldshare (Alison Dyer, University of East Anglia) (RapidILL and OCLC Worldshare – UEA.pptx)

NULJ National Union List of Journals (Stuart Glover, Uni Hospitals, Leicester) (NULJ PPT.pptx)

House of Commons Library (Greg Howard, Annabel Gladstone) (House of Commons.pptx)

Whole Ebook ILL Pilot (Whitney Murphy, Proquest) (Whole Ebook ILL Pilot 2022-06-40.pdf)

Research Solutions – Alternative Literature Supply for Universities (Maria Hatfield, Tony Landolt, Leon Skelton, Research Solutions (Research Solutions Forum for Interlending 6-20-2022)